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We have the best custom app development teams (choosing from more than 100's of applicants for every technology position) working together in creative workspaces, we constantly learn from and challenge each other. Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for each client.

Technology is driving exponential growth in consumer expectations and most organizations can't keep up. We help our clients thrive in their market by leveraging data to inform strategy, adopting agile processes to increase speed to market, approaching customer and employee experiences like a product that is forever beta, and designing impactful experiences that ladder up to their brand promise and vision. We live, build, and ship innovation.

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Rapid Prototype Development

Creative madness meets precision development

Achieving true digital empowerment requires placing customer experience at the core of what you do. Our rich experience in software development, open source technologies, mobility, analytics and IoT allow us to combine machine generated data with human insights to help you develop products and experiences that reengineer your business to resonate with your customers.With our rich engineering team and a product innovation culture, we can help you build sustainable digital products. While our engineering capabilities help you accelerate your time to market and create cost efficiencies, our innovation centricity enables you to build products and solutions that are primed to meet the needs of the future.

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We follow a rapid application development framework for all our projects in which we use prebuilt component to build an app instead of starting everything from scratch, which helps us deliver your projects at 40% faster rate.

Developing for competitive markets requires more than just an innovative idea - it requires delivering fast and delivering smart; it requires meeting the end customer’s demands in minimum turnaround time. At UMM, we bring ideas to life at the speed of light, gather and incorporate feedback, and accelerate time to market to morph into the next-gen of delivery ecosystem.

We help our clients evaluate an idea and enhance it based on predictive analytics and genuine feedback. Our cross functional expertise across consulting, design, digitization, data, architecture, and engineering cultivates the culture of creating digital experiences that exceed the customers’ expectations at every turn.

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Below are the open source technologies our team are experts in...

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Kotlin logoReact logoObjective-C JavaSwiftGoogle FlutterAngular JSHTML, CSS, JavascriptIonicUnityViveGoogle VROculusAzureGoogle Cloud PlatformFirebaseIBM BlueMixamazon webservicesdigitaloceanansibleParsenodejspythonadobe xdzeplinadobeadobe photoshopinvisionadobe illustratorprincipletsung - a distributed load testing toolapache j meteramazon dynamo DBapache software foundationFirebasemongo DBMaria DBPostgre SQLVue jsemberphoenixRuby on railsPhoenix frameworkPyTorchTensorflowIBM Watsoni BeaconHyperledger fabricelastic searchHyperledgerbitcoinethereumraspberry pi
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We start by understanding the business, brand, technology, and the demands of the customer. This gives us insights into the problems we are trying to solve and the product strategy. Here we focus on innovation to help product standout in the market.


This is perhaps the most important stage. At UMM, we believe in detailed documentation. Our documentation team put together the details of the projects as a detailed document which serves as the knowledge hub for team members working in the project.


At this exciting stage, the project starts to take shape. We use latest UIUX prototyping tools to give the product a complete shape with the right user stories and experience required. The prototype clearly paves a way for development team.


Our infrastructure team gets involved during deployment. It includes code testing, deployment to server, server setups, security deployment and defining best practices for infra management. Post deployment our team monitors closely for best performance.


Iteration is very important, where our team continues to study the usage of the product, user journeys and performances and keep reiterating to add new features, fix bugs, issue new released till the desired product becomes 100% full functional.


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Umm provides product strategy, design, and build for a range of digital products and services — websites, mobile applications, interfaces, AI, and more. Our laser focus on the user aims to serve people with feeling while marrying the business and technical requirements.

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Having developed digital solutions for over 35+ domains and having implemented over 150+ projects globally, umm digital is the right partner for your digital ventures.


Million lines of code written
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6500+ hours of product research
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