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How to make the best ad creative

How do you create ads that grab the attention of your target audience?What makes an ad click?
Why are my ads not converting into sales?

The eCommerce marketplace is overflowing with content, which means your audience has abundant information to look at. So how do you grab their attention? There is no set rule to follow with creating ads for your online business. The key is to get creative.

Apple’s 1984 ad is considered among the top ten of all time. It had pop culture relevance, was daring, and had edgy creativity that resounds with the brand even today. Macintosh was able to rake in $155million thanks to the genius of their advertising team.

Of course, not everyone has the budget to go all out with their advertising spends and thanks to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is now possible to create and upload as many ads as you need. But the basic essence remains in the thought behind your creation, the goal of your campaign, and the ability to create a conversation around your brand.

Three things to remember when creating ads

  • Set your goals. Be realistic when it comes to what you want from your ad campaign. Do you want more social media followers, do you want more traffic on your website, or is sales your only motivation? Define clear goals for your campaign and plan the creative accordingly.

objective of this campaign is to get people excited about their sales. It is simple and direct in its approach.
  • Ask for feedback. Pre-test your visual campaign by asking for feedback from friends, Instagram, and Facebook followers before setting campaign goals. An excellent way to get feedback is through Instagram stories. Ask your followers engaging questions and use the data to finalize your ad content and visual creative.

  • Look to the past. How did your previous campaigns do? Did people like your creatives, did they have a problem with your content, or did it go viral? Collect feedback from previous ad campaigns to plan your next one.

Creating ad campaigns is like creating music. You either have a hit record or a forgettable song. Connecting with the right kind of creative team can help you grow your business and keep your brand fresh and relevant.

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