Google Possum Algorithms Updates

Google’s Newest Algorithm: POSSUM

With all the Penguins, Pigeons, Pandas and Hummingbirds and every other Google update, it’s quite difficult to maintain your search rankings.

Though it is important, we never know the reason behind it.

A study was conducted in 2015 by Eli Swartz that showed that search engines such as Yahoo and Bing were dominated by Google by a mile and that number keeps surging even today.

This shows that SEO algorithms’ are constantly updated and with each update comes new rules that must be followed, which brings us to Possum, Google’s new algorithm update.

What is Possum?

 Though it might have been quite evident , in September, it is shown by a research that Google’s Possum Algorithm changed 64% of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  Possum’s debut impacted website rankings on a large scale in the Local Finder and the local 3-pack. Possum’s biggest impact on search results involves filtering out your requirements if it has any similar or secondary listing. The Possum update runs on a different scale form organic SERPS and the types of businesses that are affected as below:

  1. Any businesses that are outside city limits.
  2. Multiple businesses owned by the same company
  3. A different business location situated at the same address of a similar business


Engaging Possum outside city limits

 The most influential change seen with the new Possum update, is the rankings of the businesses that are present outside their city limits. Businesses that attempt to secure a rank in the Local Finder or local 3-pack for an area are having a much more convenient time in doing so and in fact might have already seen drastic changes in the rankings of that area. With seeing the changes through Possum, there is much to be done by the search engine marketers to go even more local with their SEO campaigns. Increase in customer traffic and bringing revenue to your site can be achieved by going local with your SEO.

One Algorithm, One Parent Company and Two Businesses

Though not that significant, the Possum update has also impacted different businesses owned by a single company. How it works is that one business shows up in the search results while the other business keeps being filtered out for certain keywords. Though the filter currently cannot be avoided, we are certain that Google will experiment, test and update their recent algorithm so that it may differentiate both the businesses as separate, though sharing the same parent company.

Streams Kick Start Step: If you haven’t invested in link building yet, you should start. Google still views quality links that point to your website as a vote of confidence. The more local, quality and authoritative links you have pointing back to your site, the more likely you are to rank in the local SERPs.

 Separate Business Locations at the same Address as a Similar Business

The full potential of Possum is noted when businesses of the same industries, that are situated at the same building, will be filtered out and at the end won’t show up for the same search. The change in keywords play a vital role as the algorithm continues its search. For example, different specialists and doctors that are situated in the same building, will rank locally under different keywords rather than a similar business at the same location.

What next? UMM Digital takes action

It’s always wise to stay way ahead of an update while Google devises, tests and makes changes to their latest algorithm. One thing that is immensely helpful to you SEO strategy is to put more concentration and giving importance to Off page SEO’s and to incorporate local content. Incorporating local and off-page SEO requires you have to have order and take loads of considerations to maintain and keep updating and improving your local rankings.

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