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Why is Digital Marketing Not for Everyone?

As our planet is becoming increasingly interconnected, there has been a large migration of people who have started using internet on their smart phones. To clearly understand the importance of digital marketing and assess its impact, statistics about internet usage is what tells you the story.

According to a recent survey by, internet usage was at 87% in developed economies compared to 54% in developing economies. However, the really staggering fact about growth is that, internet usage in developing countries grew from 45% to the present 54% in just 2 years between 2013 and 2015.

A second static about growing internet usage and the importance of digital marketing is about the impact of internet and smart phones. The number of people using smart phones in developing economies grew from 21% to 37% in the same span of two years.

The Challenge to Digital Marketing:

The major challenge about digital marketing is understating the importance of professional marketing practices. A prevailing illusion is that ‘since the internet is easily accessible, digital marketing doesn’t need professional help.’ Why does this illusion not work? It doesn’t work because, over the years, platforms offering digital marketing have developed a highly specific set of regulations and best practices that only professionals in digital marketing know.

How do they do it?

Professionals in digital marketing hone their skills by being constantly updated with the regulations and trends in best practices that are in use. People like to believe just because they are familiar with the terms in digital marketing like SEO, Newsletter, SMO, SMM, Adwords and so on, they could run digital marketing campaigns on their own.

Professionals in digital marketing also learn along with the errors they make. Campaigns that fail are where we find the most learning. Over the period of time they have sculpted their techniques with constant trial and error. It helps us understand the audience, platform and other variations better, to optimize the campaigns precisely. This is why you should take professional help to avoid the loss of money in digital marketing campaigns.

Why UMM?

Being the pioneer in digital marketing in India and the Middle East, professionals at UMM have developed extensive knowledge in regulations and international best practices in digital marketing. Working across all industrial verticals, we have been able to develop several incredibly successful digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses.

Here are some of the highlights of our work:

When you are constantly learning new ways to do your work, you get pretty good at it. UMM Digital has grown from an idea to the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India in 7 years.

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